Monday, October 26, 2009


This fell by the wayside.

I'll be re-evaluating it over the next bit. I feel like in the past month or two (or however many), I kind of retired. I felt like I'd done what I needed to and I lost direction - not just on Awesome, but in general.

I'm done wallowing; this has been ridiculous. It's time to be awesome again. Remember these nice little snippets, from "How to think":

1. Always seek context. It does not fail to help.

2. You do not have opinions on, know, or deserve anything. Everyone, everywhere, has a greater right to everything than you do. Serve them by seeking truth and showing your work.

3. There is nothing too serious to be made light of, or to question.

4. Economy of language, fountains of thought.

5. Find out what you want.

6. Leadership is simply the act of filling a void. If you find yourself creating voids to inhabit, you are not a good leader. Find people to inhabit voids. (props to Brydon Gillis for this one)

-- there's a different set as well, but they're more about "How to solve a problem".

Go, be awesome.

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