Sunday, March 1, 2009


I really want to be able to just play with things.

I guess I need to get deeper into virtualization?

I came here with every intention of saying "I need to design some kind of thing to allow me to swap hard drives on and off of things and I need like 5" or some bullcrap like that - what I really need is a decent tower with space for 4-5 disks, a DVD+/-RW, a floppy drive, and decent video, sound, and networking cards, then to RAID it up, throw a really stable linux with good driver support on it, and then virtualize stuff.

I _could_ buy 2-3 really cheap low-end boxes to mess around with and put really basic versions of linux on and hack the kernel and break things like apache and MySQL and C - but it's probably more useful and even easier for me to just get a really damn good tower and build a PC for about a thousand bucks.

.. there must be some easier solution to this.

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