Monday, December 22, 2008

Setbacks.... or not?

So I'm stalled.


In the meantime I've done a lot of other neat stuff, but I'll be back on track soon. The graphs were doing well at the point that I stalled, and I did so due to exams. I'll pull back in by ... there are children on television eating some sort of gigantic ridiculous cake-bread. That was insane. "Bauli". What the crap. Italian tradition? Insanity. Anyway where was I? -- Oh yeah, anyway, I have discovered something of higher momentary importance. A Taxonomy of Goals.

So let's think this through.

I want to classify all goals. So what are my goals for this system by which I can classify goals? Well first off let us stop being so freaking wordy. Kay.

-> Upon realization of a goal, low effort and fast categorization.
-> Must function like a "tech tree", with dependencies showing or intuitive.
-> Ease of finding goals.

Okay, so we've got a Tree shape, easily divisible, sensible divisions.

Sounds like a good prototype. I'll take a Tree with root 'Goal', and then make sensible divisions. This is an n-ary tree. Perhaps I'll store it in my graph program? Neat!

Anyway, I'll work on that. Once I've got some rudimentary system ready I'll throw a nonsensible amount of data into it and then be strangely satisfied, and I can go on with my earlier work. And hey, maybe it'll be useful or something.

But it's 6:00 AM and I'm going to bed. Revenge of the Nerds be damned.

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